Reading Room

  • College Identity Card (ID) is compulsory for entry in the Library. The same has to be deposited near the counter after entering.

  • It is mandatory for every user to make entry in the In-Out Register.

  • Mobile phones are strictly restricted in the reading room.

  • Students are required to deposit their bags, carry bags etc. at the baggage counter near the library entrance.

  • Books can be taken for reading only on College ID card. Books taken for reading should not be taken outside the Library.

  • Magazines, journals, newspapers etc. taken for reading should be replaced back at their respective racks.

  • Any library material taken for reading should not be damaged by means of any markings, drawing, tearing etc.  In such cases the reader will be asked to replace the same.

  • Readers are required to maintain absolute silence in the reading room. Group discussions, teaching classmates etc. is not allowed in the library reading room.

Home-Issue facility

  • Library card is compulsory for home issue of books.

  • Students can borrow books / CDs on their own card only.

  • Magazines, newspapers, reference books are allowed only for reference in the library & not for home issue.

  • Books issued cannot be returned on the same day.

  • Delay in returning of books will attract a fine of rs.1/- per day.

  • Books will be re-issued only on the due date & not before. Cds will not be re-issued.

  • Books issued from the library should be returned back without any damage. Markings with pen, pencil, marker pens etc. Is strictly not allowed in any library materials & if found the student will be asked to replace the book with the latest edition along with the purchase bill & late fine if any.

  • All students have to clear their library dues before collecting result / hall – ticket.

  • Loss of library card / issued book / CD should be immediately reported to the library staff. In case of loss of book / CD, the student will have to replace it with the latest edition along with the purchase bill & late fine if any.